Thursday, May 8, 2014

RANGERING: July 2005

Dear Reader: The truth is never an absolute; it is subjective and it changes over time. So I do not claim that any of what I write is the truth. It is only my perception and recollection of events as they happened many years ago. In some situations I have changed names and details to protect the privacy of people involved, but I do my best to maintain the underlying substance of events and their impact on me.

Cape Disappointment Lighthouse
This afternoon I found out that I passed the ranger screening for Washington State Parks. This means I will be called to interview at those parks of my choice that have Ranger 1 openings. This is the culmination of the preparation, fitness training, travel, excitement and anxiety that has defined my life for nearly a year. Washington has determined that I am fit to be a ranger, trustworthy enough to carry a firearm and enforce the law.

It is possible that I will start getting calls to interview almost immediately. And since Ranger Eva was promoted to Ranger 2, her old position will open up at Cape Disappointment. So far my timing throughout this process has been uncannily perfect. I hope it will continue to be so, and that the next chapter in my journey will be as a park ranger at Cape Disappointment State Park.

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